I have extremely curly hair and have spent my entire life trying to find someone who could cut it properly! I’ve lived in big cities like New York and Chicago, and have been to some great stylists, but Alyson is the first person I’ve found who really took the time to understand what I was looking for, and who cut my hair like a pro! Going to get my haircut is such a treat now, because I know I’m going to walk out of there with a great haircut that will look equally as good on day 1 as it does on day 60! Not to mention the fact that Alyson is lovely and pleasant to be around. Alyson is a real pro! I would 100% recommend that anyone (especially those with curly hair) check her out – you won’t be disappointed!

– Nicky Diamond, Writer, Teacher


Alyson Powell is hands-down the best stylist I have ever been to. I just recently had my haircut and expertly styled by her, and once again, she has done a TERRIFIC job, so I feel compelled to sing her praises!! It is such a pleasure to go see her! Alyson spends a great deal of time talking to you about your hair, how you style it, it’s texture, what you want, etc… Most importantly, she REALLY LISTENS!! Then she carefully and thoughtfully cuts and styles your hair. As a person with relatively thick and awkwardly wavy hair. I have visited a great deal of stylists and my hair has never looked better than it has with Alyson. She gives you a cut that is easy to maintain and extremely flattering and you definitely get more than your money’s worth! Finally, and most importantly, she is a truly lovely person and sitting in her chair is a wonderful experience!!!!

– Mallory Barnes, Teacher


Several years ago I was looking for a hairstylist who could create a beautiful layered style for my thin, fine medium length hair. I tried several places in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills but every time it was not exactly what I wanted. Finally I found Alyson Powell and decided to give her a try! I brought her a hairstyle picture out of a magazine and I was truly amazed when she gave me a haircut that looked so much better than the picture! Alyson took her time and asked me questions to find out what I wanted and SHE REALLY LISTENED. From the very first time I liked her personality a lot! She is easy-going, professional, not too chatty, she really understands the client and makes you feel comfortable. Alyson is very pleasant to deal with, very real, and honest. Her prices are very modest considering the length of time she spends on your appt, her extensive work experience and credibility. I truly appreciate her and her professionalism. Plus my haircuts last and grow in perfectly every-time! I encourage you to get a haircut with this master hairstylist and judge for yourself.

– Natalia Walton, Administrative/Medical


I’ve been Alyson’s client for years and intend to stay so. She is conscientious and skillful! I’ve regretted any time I’ve been forced to go elsewhere for a haircut. Not just for women, Alyson delivers highly professional and stylish haircuts for men, too. The only minus is that she’s in L. A., and I’m not.

– Mike Lock, Phd. Statistical Consultant


Alyson spent almost a half hour with me for a consultation and that was not even on the day of my appointment. She took her time finding the right colors for my skin and hair and blended two beautifully complementary colors to make my hair look natural. She is easy going, fun to work with, not high pressured and she uses eco-friendly products. Can’t wait to go back for all my touch-ups!

– Jordana Mansbacher, Psychologist


Alyson is very meticulous and thorough! I have never been to a stylist that took the time and effort that she had with me. She made each strand perfect (my hair color is so natural)- it’s unbelievable! I get stopped all the time by women who ask me who I go to for my highlights. I think I’ve found several new clients for her already! :-) On top of all this, Alyson is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever met. Alyson is so kick back and the conversation was so easy. She’s not like most Hollywood stylists who act like they’re God’s gift to hair! I had a great time with her! Thanks, Alyson.

– Christine Ahn


I’ve been going to Alyson for 10 years and her cuts are awesome. If you’re looking for a high quality cut in the style you want, she’s definitely for you. Also, if you’re looking for advice on which way to go with your hair, the one unique skill Alyson has over all others is, to give great suggestions and recommendations. She has her finger on what’s hip and stylish and can do just about anything. The great thing about the cut is the personal touch. She’s warm and friendly without the stuffiness you may get from some pre-madonnas. Absolutely try her out, especially if you’re looking for someone whom is flexible and dependable.

– Glen Yamakawa, Manager/ Executive


Alyson has cut and highlighted my hair for 12+ years. Lots of tiny, multicolor golden highlights make it both look natural and grow out great. She rescued my 20th high-school reunion — I had a megabuck cut from the (famous) head of three SF salons … looked like a short, dead haystack — she trimmed me back into the land of the living. I’m pretty conservative, so she downplays her hip/creative side and just ensures that I look good. (Though I do appreciate her eco-sensitive approach to my head!) Now that she only comes up to Northern California once every six weeks, I plan my schedule accordingly. Though I may get caught and see you in LA some time.

– Jennifer Bestor


I went in cold, only going off her fabulous reviews, and I can honestly state that Alyson has an impeccable eye for color. My hair wasn’t a tragedy that needed repair (although I understand that she is THE go-to gal for corrections); it just wasn’t quite right and I felt like I had spent too much $ in the past to be unhappy with my hair. I walked in with shoulder length hair and high-lights that were last done 3 months ago. I walked out with shiny, healthier, thicker-looking hair. I had stressed that I didn’t want to lose length, and I wanted color closer to my own natural shade. I am thrilled with my haircolor now, and Alyson gave me a wonderful flattering haircut without sacrificing the length. (Who knew I had cheekbones?) When she blow-dried my hair I knew, the color was right on the money. I wanted to give the cut a couple of days (and my own attempts at blowdrying & styling) before I chimed in, this is the Best Haircut & Color I have had!

– Susan Lowe, Architect


I came to Alyson after YEARS of hair abuse from some of the best and most expensive salons in New York City. My hair was orange and had been left longer and damaged in the front and short in the back; a terrible “A” cut. Firstly, Alyson really, really listens. She completely takes her time. She will not do anything until she has gone over it in detail with you. She actually sent me home the first day, because there was not time to do the kind of extensive color correction she had in mind. She gave me a brilliant cut, instead. The kind of cut where I can leave the gym with my hair wet and it will still look great. When she corrected my hair with a genius color weave, I practically cried! This was the kind of lovingly done, stunning but subtle color I had looked for, for years. It was gorgeous. Alyson is a beautiful person who really cares about her clients and it shows.

– Cynthia Ellis, Actress


I love Alyson. I have unmanageable, somewhat thick wavy hair and lots of it! The problem I have with every haircut is that it grows out into a lion’s mane and I thought with my hair, it was inevitable. To maintain it, I normally had to have it cut every other month (and constantly lose my length). I finally had it cut by Alyson and she’s a lifesaver! She’s worth every penny since I’ve only had it cut twice within a year and there were absolutely no problems in between. I’m amazed how she can cut my hair to be so easily manageable. The second time I went, I forgot to bring in a pic of a creative cut I wanted. So I tried to explain it and she took her time analyzing my rambling and gave me the best haircut I’ve ever had. She is patient, caring, precise, and most importantly the best haircut ever. Haircuts used to, grow out very awkwardly for me. It’s been 3 months now and I still get compliments on it! I recommend her to everyone, no matter what type of hair you have. She can do it all!

– Carol Song, Real Estate


Alyson has been cutting my hair for 8 years and she never ceases to amaze me with the perfection and style of the cut. She always seems to know the most up-to date styles, long, short and in-between. She advises on the length of my side burns, the layers and length of my hair, ways to use product and other helpful tips. About a year ago she encouraged me to play around with some subtle color to neutralize the gray. The result was perfect! I did not want any change that people would notice and they didn’t. What they did notice was that I looked younger, more vibrant and healthy. An added benefit of having Alyson is just being in her presence. She is a beautiful, caring, inspiring person. She could be called a psych healer. She always has my interests at heart! At times, I want to keep her all to myself, but she is a talent that needs to be shared by many.

– Tom Rieger, Owner, Rieger & Associates


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