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Alyson’s Journey

Stylist Alyson Powell has won L. A.’s “Best of Citysearch contest every year from 2007-2010 for Best Color and Highlights”. In 2009-2010, she also won the prestigious categories of “Best Haircut and Best Hair Salon.”

Alyson’s father was a hairdresser and a cosmetology instructor educating in Beauty Colleges in her hometown of Northern California. Alyson finished College and embarked on a beauty career at her father’s suggestion. Finishing her senior year, one of the regulars became so thrilled, said “she felt like a new person!” Alyson remembers “she left like she was walking on air!” It was at this turning point, when Alyson knew this was a career for her. She could affect great positive change in people, and receive the same reciprocal energy back.

Alyson started her burgeoning hair career in the beautiful city of Palo Alto, and found the most prominent salon Edmund Pagni. It was at this luxurious destination where Alyson first started working with socialites and celebrities. As luck would have it, she landed an apprenticeship with successful Vidal Sassoon master stylist James Maher, she credits as a brilliant haircutter, colorist and teacher. “He was tough, but helped shape me to become the confident stylist and colorist that I am today!” Alyson went on to become an Educational and Marketing Director for several of his salons. Some of her skill sets were collaborating and implementing an Educational Apprenticeship program,Terminology text for haircutting, created Editorial work to be published in several International Hair Publications, taught advanced Haircutting and Coloring, also traveled, educated and performed in Hair Show presentations.

Alyson’s extensive experience propelled her to going out on her own, and through her creativity she delved into a bright acting career as well, which took her to the exciting lights of Hollywood and Beverly Hills! Here she ministers to the lovely locks of high profile clients such as Anjani, Susan Egan, Jennifer Lynn and Evonne Rivera.

While working as a bustling hairdresser she became increasingly more aware of the many chemical components involved with being a successful colorist and stylist. She started to study and research instead, natural modalities and products for the hair, skin, health and beauty, realizing also that foods play a big role in attaining and keeping your beauty, energy and youth. Eating pure and organic herself, she’s found that diets and mental health go hand in hand, and are either creating more youth, health, vitality, balance and beauty inside, as well as the outside, or not. It is a passion of discovery!

It was a perfect union when the opportunity presented itself to work with the legendary Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Designer Linda Loudermilk, founder of the Luxury Eco-Lifestyle. Alyson was her Green, Organic Product Researcher. “I was researching everything, from food, ingredients, skin-care, hair-care, jewelry, art, what does Certified Organic really mean?, to furniture, etc. A very fun and interesting position!

Alyson is known as the reputable curly hair, and fine to thin haircutter specialist. She enjoys working with and offering natural, luxurious ammonia-free, eco-friendly hair color and fine hair product choices. Alyson enjoys the journey with clients, listening and collaboratively creating a new, fresh style or color that feels authentic and helping people make more natural choices for their hair, skin, food and lifestyle, which translates positively into other areas of their lives, and also reveals a side of them that may have been unseen.

Alyson maintains to find new avenues of sharing her holistic lifestyle secrets to serve humanity, the planet and magnify lives.

Thank-You to everyone who has crossed my path!

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